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We provide day and night services 365 days A Year.

Helping rough sleepers and disadvantaged vulnerable adults.

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"A Hand Up, not a hand Out!"


Somewhere To Go was set up in 2000 to provide, literally, ‘somewhere to go’ for homeless vulnerable, and disadvantaged people. We provide a warm, safe refuge; hot food, showers, clean clothing and a listening ear.

Our centre is trusted as a welcoming, non-judgmental, place to go for help and support over the years we have developed into a valued hub providing both day and night services operating 365 days per year.

It costs thousands of pounds a year to run our centre and we can only do it with your help!

Make a monthly Donation

Our monthly friends provide the very backbone of our organisation. They choose the amount they feel they are comfortable to donate each month and by using the link below you too can set up regular payments. Help us to provide valuable help to the vulnerable.

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Without our friends who donate we simply would not be able to open our doors. Every donation goes towards helping some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Please try to give generously, we can only provide this help with your support.

Donate Clothes & Sleeping bags

Many residents are very generous and sometimes we have a surplus of certain items and at others times, we run short. If you are able to spare certain items, please take a look at our HELP US page for the latest list of urgent items that we need. Thank you on behalf of all our guests and volunteers for your support.


It costs thousands of pounds a year to run our centre and we rely on the support of the good people who help us. Some donate, some volunteer, others campaign for us. Please download our campaign pack for more details.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is one of the simplest and most effective ways of making your donations go even further – every gift you receive can be worth more to you at no extra cost to the donor or your organisation. A gift on top of a gift. Please apply now by using the link below. Thank you.

Our Impact

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With your support we can achieve so much

The path out of homelessness and rough sleeping is often complex and difficult. Somewhere to Go is proud to be part of that path and working with our partner agencies we help, support, comfort and most importantly offer HOPE to all those who need it.

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