How much does it cost to run our centre?

Hot meals

We provide a approximately 4000 home cooked meals a year, which can cost a little over £25,000.

A helping hand

Building insurances, maintenance, licenses, heating and utilities and many take more than £40,000 a year.

A warm bed

We have 18 sleeping pods that offer our guests their own private area. This cost over £45,000 to build.

A Better future

A priority is the future of those who stay with us. We often help with the basics to set them on the right path.

All this and more costs

£ 1
a year

Somewhere to Go needs your help to raise these funds

Sponsership Packs

There are many ways to raise money for Somewhere to Go. Why not try Skydiving or many a sponsored walk or perhaps taking a bath in a gallon of beans. Download one of our sponsorship packs to help plan your event.

Become a Monthly Supporter!

With regular donations we can plan for the future, negotiate discounts with suppliers and help us invest for the future. Please consider being a monthly supporter, there are three levels to meet all pockets.


Per month Can buy


Per month Can buy


Per month can buy

Some things we always need!

Pot Noodles, Ready Meals, Bread, Cereal Bars, Snacks, others foods such as Crisps, and Sandwich Fillings. Tinned Veg, Tinned Corned Beef, Cereal, Coffee, Long life Milk, Sugar, Jars or tinned hot dogs Tinned meals (Macaroni, Bolognese etc) and Snacks (cereal bars, peanuts, crisps etc).

Coffee, Sugar, Toilet Roll, Long Life Milk,

Toilet Rolls, Toiletries and Towels.

Sleeping bags, duvet, linen, roll mats and blankets.

Shirts, trousers, jogging bottoms, hoodies/jumpers, underwear, trainers/boot and socks.

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