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Do People Choose to be Homeless?

becoming homeless

No one chooses to be homeless. While some people do have some very complex needs, many people become homeless because they are just coping with things when circumstances change, and they can no longer manage. Once people have become homeless it can be very hard for them to seek help or to accept the help that is offered.

What happens then?

Some people need encouragement to engage with services that can help them get back into housing, especially when that might mean tackling longstanding personal problems.

So, what can we do at Somewhere to Go? The first thing we will offer is a safe place to sleep.

Our Sanctuary

The Night Assessment Centre is not a permanent solution to homelessness but a safe place to stay for a short period while the needs of the individual are assessed. A sanctuary. Working with the experienced agencies dealing with dependency, mental and physical health, and of course housing. Each agency comes to Somewhere to Go for the appointments, in this way support is delivered in one place.

hidden homeless

The YMCA via Streetlink do regular night walks to assess the numbers of individuals ‘Rough Sleeping’. These figures, and the individuals are never constant. Some have been sleeping rough for some time, some are recently homeless, and others are passing through; this will change night to night and week to week. There are also a number of “hidden homeless” sofa surfers who could tip into being rough sleepers at any point.

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